Dated: 01/19/2020

Can I Sell A Mobile Home Without A Realtor

Have you been thinking about selling your mobile home? Been a little curious on how its done and if you really need to hire a real estate professional. Let's see what it takes to sell your mobile home by yourself.

First off you must know selling a mobile home or manufacture home is much different that a regular house. A mobile home is considered personal property like a vehicle and a stick built home is considred real property.

It also matters if the mobile home is in a mobile home community or a park or is the home on private land. This also will determine the process of selling your mobile home. Selling a mobile home in North Carolina might be a little diferent than selling a mobile home in Orange County Florida

Hiring a Realtor may or may not be the best option for you but finding a good real estate professional that will take on a mobile home client might be difficult and then there are the commission fees that come with that. Selling your home "for sale by owner" can have the upside of saving you money, but is it goign to be worth it?

How Much To Sell A Mobile Home For

sell my mobile home as is for cash

Finding the value of a mobile home can be a bit of a challenge, it is a little bit similar to a regular traditional home but need to figure different factors.

We did a very in depth article on how much you can sell your mobile home for so we will only spend a moment on this.

You will need to figure out the most important home details like the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as he homes square footage. You can not compare your home to another if they are not close in size. A 1400 sqft double wide home will be priced differently than an 800 sqft single wide home.

    Time for some more time consuming research,. What has the similar homes in the are sold for? This is very important factor, if you price your home too high it will never sell.

    How To Find A Mobile Home Buyer

    Finding a buyer for a mobile home can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you decide to do your own marketing. You will be looking for a person that wants a mobile home not just a home buyer.

    Doing the litle "for sale by owner" signs in the window helps for those that are driving by., but what about everyone else, how will they know your mobile home is for sell? we put together a good article on how to market your mobile home and find the perfect buyer.

    Unless you have some experience in marketing a mobile home or know where to list your home online then it is going to take a while to sell. Selling a mobile home will take a while with a real estate professional but be prepared for it to take longer selling a mobile home by yourself.

    There is another way to sell a mobile home faster, There are people in your area that will be willing to work with you on buying your mobile home. Not all investors are interested in buying a mobile home, infact most wont even touch them. The Family Home Investor has a team all over the country, Idaho, Nevada to Florida and ready to buy mobile homes and do not require any repairs made or upgrades to outdated features of the home.

    To answer your question, you can sell your home without a Realtor, if you're willing to put in the time and work, or you can sell to a local mobile home investor quickly and be done with it.

    Knowing the diference of real property or personal property will determin the process. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.