How To Choose A Mobile Home Community

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A mobile home community, also known as a manufactured home community or park, is where mobile homes and travel trailers can be permanently parked. Benefits of a mobile home community include affordability compared to other housing options and quick and simple relocation to a new location.

Many people opt for mobile home communities for several reasons. However, there are certain key factors you must pay attention to before choosing a mobile home park.

What you need to know about mobile homes

Living in a mobile home is similar to living in a permanently constructed home because they are adaptable, economical, and permanent. Even if you plan to purchase a stick-built home in the future, owning a mobile home can be highly advantageous because it can double as a rental space.

A mobile home may have a bedroom added to it, another minor addition made to it, and so forth. However, before proceeding to stay in a mobile home community, there are factors to consider.

What should you consider before choosing a mobile home park? See a few below.

5 things to consider before choosing a mobile home park?

  1. Location

Realtors (real estate professionals) frequently use the phrase "Location, location, location" since it is crucial.

An older park is probably located in an industrial area. If you have kids, you should look for a park in your preferred school district.

  1. The mobile home community design
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The architecture of a mobile home park is much more significant than most people believe.

For instance, park planners might include curves to reduce traffic. Speed bumps might be a big inconvenience for drivers, but if you have children, they can save your life.

Are there sidewalks in the new park? Are they in decent shape? Are there potholes on the roads? Where are the dumpsters for trash? 

Are there landscaped areas with trees for shade? In the summer, strategically placed shade trees can keep your mobile home cooler without costing you more money.

Check if there are large nut and fruit trees; however, they can harm your home and vehicles badly. 

  1. Water and Air Treatment 

Make sure your new park addresses bugs in the air and water if you live somewhere with many mosquitoes.

Your park needs to undergo frequent treatments since standing water and higher temperatures make for the ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.

The park should employ various techniques, including organic mosquito control, to keep the water safe from hazardous germs and pests. The water quality of every pond should also be checked often.

  1. Cost implication

Rent is always a crucial consideration when choosing a new park. However, the cost of living in a mobile home park should be considered.

For instance, the lot rent might be less expensive, but you'd be responsible for yard work and garbage pickup. Will you have to make separate payments for water and sewer? What about fees for clubhouses and amenities like pools?

Consider the number of times the mobile home community has increased its lot rent over the past 20 years. What is the typical growth?

  1. Security 

The security of the mobile home community should be taken into consideration.

While a security guard isn't always necessary, a mobile home community should have certain fundamental security measures to protect its residents.

A fence can be erected or made with plants to keep the evil guys out. It can lessen foot traffic.

Do they have any surveillance cameras? Do the local police regularly patrol the park? 


There are advantages and favorable aspects to living in a mobile home. There are always methods to customize it to your preferences and develop a new atmosphere. 

However, these factors highlighted above are important things to consider before choosing a mobile home community.