Dated: 02/26/2023

How To Move A Mobile Home In Texas

5 Steps In Moving A Mobile Home In Texas

Moving a mobile home can be difficult, but you can do it quickly and effectively with the correct planning and preparation. Whether moving your mobile home in Texas to a new place or changing where you live, the procedures remain the same.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to move a mobile home. Before you finish reading this post, you will see the steps to take when you want to move your mobile home - including choosing a moving company, getting the house ready for the move, and also setting it up at your new location or to sell to a we buy mobile homes company instead.

Let's go into details immediately.

1.Hire a reliable moving company

Hiring a professional moving company is the first thing to do when you want to move a mobile home. Using the services of a professional moving company is advisable because relocating a mobile home needs specialized tools and knowledge.

The moving company will provide tools such as hoists, jacks, and a specialized vehicle that will enable you to move your mobile home safely. 

The moving company will also equip themselves with equipment to help them address any unforeseen difficulties you may encounter while transporting the mobile home.

2. Make your mobile home move-ready

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Get your mobile home ready for moving by disconnecting your home's water supply, gas, electricity, and any other connections that require disconnection, this step must be done by licensed professionals. Remove all furnishings and tuck away any stray items in the house. 

Shut all doors and windows and secure any breakable items to avoid damage during transit. Also, ensure that there are no obstructions around the area that could prevent the moving company from carrying the house when they arrive.

3. Transport the mobile home to the new location

The moving company you hire will arrive at your house with a vehicle and tailored tools to enable them to place the house on the vehicle. 

The procedure usually entails lifting the house with jacks off its base and onto the vehicle, where they will fasten it for easy transportation. 

Also, the moving company will maintain the stability and security of the mobile home while it's in transit till it gets to your stipulated location.

4. Unload the mobile home

Once they arrive at your destination, the moving company will unload the house and set it on the foundation you've already prepared. 

They will bring down the house from the vehicle and lower it onto the ground with jacks. Afterward, they will align and fasten the house to the foundation to set it for use.

Note: Confirm the rules and regulations of your local community about moving a mobile home to your location before kick-starting the moving process. Do this because each state and town has its own laid-down rules about transporting a mobile home.


Even though moving a mobile home can be complicated, you can still do it effectively if you plan well and hire a professional mobile home moving company. Follow the step-by-step instructions outlined in this article to move your mobile home safely to your new location.