We Buy Mobile Home Parks Nationally.

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    If you are the owner or partner of a mobile home park community and are looking to sell a mobile home park fast but seem to be having a difficult time finding real mobile home park buyers that will commit to the purchase, then get in contact with us.

    Our company has purchased many mobile home parks across the United States and looking to add to our portfolio.  

    Mobile home parks can be a little hard to sell because many investors are a little nervous about such a large investment, not only the financial aspect but the process of owning and running a mobile home park. Our company has purchased many mobile home park communities and know what it takes to do any kind of repairs the park may need as well as hafe a team in place that are ready to manage a mobile home community.
    Does your local Real Estate Agent know how to market a mobile home community that is for sale? I am going to guess most have no idea how to deal with selling a mobile home park or where to find a mobile home park buyer.. 

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      We buy mobile home parks of all sizes. 5 spaces or 500 spaces we will be interested in discussing what price you are thinking and or terms you would like.

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      If you need to sell a mobile home park in Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma and Missouri. We buy mobile home parks all over the nation.

      No more late paying tenants to deal with
      No more never ending park maintenance 
      You can quickly end all the headaches that come from owning a mobile home park. Gat a fast fair cash offer now. Don't need the cash right away then we can discuss selling the mobile home park on terms. 
      No matter the reason you need to sell your mobile home park we are professional experienced investors that are ready to buy the community now.

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