Texas Housing Trend

Are you thinking about selling your house? You may be up for a bit of a surprise.

Will Housing Prices Go Up Or Down?

Texas is known for their housing prices, affordable but still getting more expensive every year. In 20021 theTexas housing prices are up %17 over all but that will not last too much longer.
If you are planning on putting your house up for sale you may want to do it soon it you want to get the most amount out of your home. With all the recent homes hitting themarket it might be harder to get your asking price or you may need to wait for months to get your asking price. 

A new report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that U.S. housing prices dropped month-over-month for the first time this year.
The median home sale price dropped 1.1% to $236,200 in April from $239,800 in March, according to the NAR’s latest data on sales and prices of existing single family homes and condos.

The report also indicated that the median sales price is now at its lowest level since February 2017

The median sales price for a home in the US is now $247,000, according to Zillow. There has been an 8.9% decrease in the past year and experts predict that this will continue in the next few years.

How Fast Will My Home Sell?

On average in Texas a home would sell in about 30 days agter listing it. 
You may think that is not a long time, it's not really but times are going to change you will soon see that time double in 2022 with lower housing prices it is ngoing to turn to a buyers market which is not good for home sellers.

A new report from Redfin finds that the median home sale price dropped month-over-month for the first time this year.

This is a positive sign for housing market with a dwindling supply of homes for sale and strong demand from buyers. Historically, prices have been going up by year, but this is a new trend.

What My Best Option For A Fast Sale

In Texas you have a few options, you can sell your house with a real estate agent. There is the option to sell your house all by yourself which is referred to as FSBO For Sale By Owner.
The other option many people don't talk about, you certainly wont hear it from a real estate agent. You can sell your house very fast to an investor, for cash. 
Eash of these options will work but it all comes down to what you want, how fast do you want to sell your home in Texas, and what is the current condition of your property.

Lets discuss the pros and cons of each option

Sell My House FSBO In Texas

  • Can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the proper paper work and contracts to use
  • Do you have marketing experience? Selling a house on your own means you will need to figure out how to market the home so your will find potential buyers.
  • You wont be paying Realtor commission fees
  • Show your house to potential buyers on your terms not the agents.

Sell my house with a Realestate Agent

  • You will be paying commision fees
  • You will be paying closing costs
  • You will be locked in a contract with that Agent. No matter what they will get a commission, even if you find a buyer.
  • Letting strangers into your home while you are not.
  • A long list of repairs and what the listing agent wants you to do to sell your house.

Sell My House Fast To An Investor In Texas

  • No closing costs
  • No commission Fees
  • Get cash FAST
  • Close in as little as 10 days
  • No shwing your house to strangers.
  • No need to do any repairs
  • No  lengthy, confusing 9 page contract

You will need to decide what you want. do you NEED cash now? are you willing to wait a few months if you need to sell you home? If you look around your home, how many repairs are need in order for you to list your home and sell it to an end buyer. 
You are always welcome to contact us and asking any questions. There is no obligation to get a fair cash offer.

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