Dated: 05/08/2022

How Do I Sell My House In Philadelphia

Sell My House In Philadelphia Faster!

Are you thinking about selling your house in Philadelphia? If so, you need to know about the current market and what to expect. However, selling your home in Philadelphia can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. By following some simple steps and being well-informed about the process, you can make selling your house in Philadelphia a breeze.

The average home values in Philadelphia are about $227,938 and are rising. Philadelphia home values increased by 9% in the past 12 months. (Source: Zillow)

For a property owner who is thinking of selling their home, now is the perfect time to go through the process and decide. If you have been considering selling your home in Philadelphia, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Is Now a Perfect Time to Sell a House in Philadelphia, PA?

The real estate markets in both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are currently on fire. South Philadelphia market has seen a significant increase in property values over the last few years. This means it is a great time to sell a house as long as you have completed all the upgrades and home repairs.

Philadelphia has one of the most active real estate markets in the country, which ranks the Philly area No. 1 in the nation for home sales growth in recent months. 

There's so much competition for this home right now. This means you will likely find a reasonable price, which will help you save money in the long term. 

However, interest rates have been rising lately, and the Federal Reserve recently said it’s looking at raising them again. This is a good thing for anyone looking to buy a home shortly because the cost of borrowing money could soon go up.

Having more offers increases your chances of a higher bid, resulting in you making more money on your home sale. There is a theory that when a hot market comes to an end, it will take a long time before it returns to its previous high. So it will be a better idea to sell your home in the next few months, rather than waiting until the market gets better.

If you plan to move or need some extra money, make sure you talk to a real estate investor about selling your current home. They can help you to sell your home at a fair price. If your home is not in perfect condition and ready for the market but you still want to sell, The Family Home Investor is available to go over what other options are available so you can have a fast sale.

Best time to sell quickly in Philadelphia

If you're looking to sell, it might be worth putting your house on the market in October. That's when you're likely to find buyers who are in a buying mood. You'll also get a head start on the competition. Again, if you are looking to speed up your house selling process, you should consider the month of July as a prime time to list and sell. However, your home will sell 21 days faster than usual in October and July. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to sell your home in Philadelphia now contact us to see how we can help.

sell my house fast in philadelphia

    Plan and be strategic when selling your home in Center City Philadelphia area. However, experts say that winter is the worst session to sell houses in Philly. If you can, be patient and wait until the weather turns warmer. The longer you wait, the greater the chance your online listing will sell for top dollar. It's always good to plan. Summertime is the busiest season of the year in real estate

    How Do I Sell My House in Philadelphia?

    Finding a good real estate agent in Philadelphia is no easy task. You need someone who knows the area well and is familiar with all the best neighborhoods, is skilled at bargaining and negotiations, and is happy with positive feedback from past customers. There is always the risk of signing a contract with an Agent that does not market your property resulting in the home sitting on the market for months.

    Here are some key questions you should ask before choosing a real estate agent

    Are you a full-time agent?

    Many real estate agents are part-time, and some are self-employed. You must understand that this can significantly impact your choice of agent. If you consider selling your home, you will want to find an agent who is full time to devote all their energy and resources to marketing your property.

    What is your background?

    You can find out more about the agents by checking their profiles on their websites and reading reviews online. You might also be able to find out more by talking to friends or family members who have used the agent.

    How long have you been in real estate?

    Your home is your biggest asset, and you should not hire an agent with only a little knowledge. If you are looking for an agent to help you with the sale or purchase of your home, you must look for someone who has a great deal of experience in the business.

    The most popular option will be one that is familiar to your zip code and has a good reputation among your local buyers. He should have had a good understanding of what is happening in their market right now. Ask them about the trends, what is popular and what they see for the future in your area.

    Are you licensed and insured?

    A licensed and insured real estate agent is your first line of defence against claims from buyers, sellers and other parties involved in the real estate transaction. When you hire an agent that is not licensed or insured, you may be subject to fines and penalties by your state’s real estate commission, and the agent may not be covered under your homeowner’s insurance. Ask for a copy of your agent’s license and proof of insurance at the time of closing.

    What are your fees?

    The fees of a real estate agent vary from one to another. However, most charge around 3% commission of the property's sale price for selling it and 6-7% commission for buying it. These can add up quickly, so make sure you know exactly what you will be paying in agent commissions and fees before you agree to work with an agent. Keep in mind working with a professional real estate investor that is in your local area will cover the closing costs and charge no commission fees.

    Do you have any references?

    Do you have any references? Before choosing an insurance agent, make sure that they have references from clients that can tell you about their work. You can get that information by looking up their profile on their website or finding out through a conversation with someone who has already used them.

    Do you offer free property inspections?

    You will want to ensure that the agent you choose offers free property inspections. This is a great way to save you money. You don’t want to pay for a property inspection when you’re selling a property.

    Do you work with a team?

    Teamwork helps agents perform at their best. In the real estate industry, teamwork is one of the most crucial things that can help agents get their job done faster and better. Before you jump in and start making a decision, you should ask them if they work as a team. If the answer is yes, you can also ask: What is your team’s name? Who are the members of your team? Do you have any special rules for your team?

    What’s the best time to sell my house in Philadelphia?

    The ideal time to sell your home is whatever works for you. In fact, your agent can give you some great insights into your home and can help you find the right time for you. Whether it’s the season, the weather, or the sun to maximize natural sunlight, it all matters.

    How long will it take for my house to sell?

    An agent can’t make any promises, so don’t trust them if they tell you that they’ll sell your home fast with no proof. It’s better to hire someone who will honestly tell you they can’t promise you anything. If a homeowner needs to sell faster than what the time frame an agent thinks they can get the home sold then contact us today, we can buy your home, mobile home, commercail property or vacan land quickly, sometimes with in 10 days.

    Steps to Take Before You Sell Your House in Philadelphia

    Before selling your house in West Philadelphia, you have to take the proper steps. Here are several tips that you need to take to prepare yourself for selling your home.

    Know your buyer

    Before you list your house, you need to know their motivations, what they want out of a home, and how much money they are willing to pay for a home.

    Clean the cutter before sell

    Clear your house of anything that takes away from the beauty of the space. Make it look nice, take out the trash, throw old stuff away, keep only the essentials and the best.

    For example, if your walls are painted dark and gloomy, this may make you feel cooped up. So you should try painting them light and brighter.

    However, proper cleaning will also help you get a better price for your mobile home. You might want to consider using an expert cleaning service. They can take care of all the cleaning so you can spend more time with your family and friends. If you need to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, this is one of the best ways to do it.

    De-cluttering means having a minimalist space that allows buyers to concentrate on the area itself. This can be accomplished by including any personal items that make it feel like home.

    Make sure the house is in excellent condition

    If you want to get more money for selling your house fast, you need to ensure that it is in excellent condition. You can do this by doing a few things, such as cleaning and providing all the appliances are working correctly. Also, check to see if there are any leaks in the home or any cracks in the foundation. If there are any problems with the house, you will most likely not sell it for as much money as you would like. Don't have the money or the time to to do the repairs in order to sell? That is not a problem, we can buy your home in any condition, you can literally just walk away and be done today.

    Knock out any easy fixes

    If you have got low-cost and small problems, you can handle, first, fix them. Don't bother with the whole kitchen renovation if you are not sure you have enough time, money or both for such a vast project.

    When it comes to a home renovation or makeover, you need to think about costs and how easy it will be to execute. However, if there are simple issues that can make your home elegant, it is defiantly worth fixing if you have enough capacity. 

    Find an experienced Realtor that charges fair fees 

    Before you start selling your home, you need to find a realtor. A realtor is someone who will help you find a buyer for your house. You can use a realtor to get an offer on your home and negotiate a good price.

    When selling a home in Philadelphia, it’s best to talk to several real estate brokers before choosing one. Find out how many years they have been in business and any testimonials from clients. Also, ask if they offer any specials such as free inspections or free estimates of repair costs.

    Commissions are typically charged on each sale, and they're negotiable in Philadelphia. The average commission rate in the city is between 5 and 6%; however, it can vary greatly depending on the buyer.

    Staging makes a difference

    Staging is a general term used for planning, preparation and presentation. It is the process of creating a home environment that is designed to make a home more attractive to potential buyers. 

    Creating an inviting staging of your home will help to give prospective buyers a visual idea of how a particular space can be used. Staging a home can be a fun activity that gets attention.

    Professional photography is worth the cost

    Most buyers start their search online. They want to see what a place looks like when it’s not in use. Your real estate agent needs to make sure that you stage and clean your home as best as possible so that the photographs will tell the story of how the house looks.

    Professional photographers have many factors to consider to ensure the quality of their shots. They will evaluate the room, choose the appropriate settings, and ensure everything is positioned correctly.

    Attractive home pricing attracts more buyers

    Pricing your home is an integral part of selling it, as it’s how buyers and sellers are likely to react to it. You want to set the right price based on what other homes for sale in your area are going for. This will bring you the most attention to your property when it goes on the market.

    If you are trying to sell your home and getting an unrealistic price, you may be having trouble finding a buyer. Sometimes, a potential buyer will just be looking for a deal and will not even consider the price of the property.

    Final thoughts 

    If you want to make money selling your house quickly, you have to sell your home in the right market. Selling your house in Philadelphia is a great way to get a fast return on your investment. Plus, the Philadelphia real estate market is hot right now, so you'll be able to get top dollar for your home. We hope you have enjoyed our list of resources for selling your house.

    Do you have any tips for someone looking to sell their house in the Philadelphia area? Share your thoughts in the comments below.