Dated: 10/07/2019

How To Sell A Mobile Home

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home?

Have you been curious about the process of selling your mobile home? It can be a little intimidating with everything that is involved. It is a bit more than just selling your mobile home and done.

I know everyone thinks that they will jsut put a "For Sale By Owner" sign in the window and wait for a knock on the door but the chances of that happening is very small.

Before putting that for sale sign out there are a few things you need to concider like how much money you want to sell it for is the very first thing everyone thinks about no matter what they are selling. Are there any fees in selling your mobile home? Seems like we have to pay a fee in order to do everything these days. How much time do you need to allow yourself to pack all your belongings? Should you start looking for a new home before selling? These are just a few questions most mobile home sellers ask themselves when thinking of selling a mobile home.

How Much Can I Sell My Mobile Home For?

This is always the first thing we think about, how much can I sell my mobile home for? How do we come up with a number?

There's a couple ways to come up with a selling price. first is to contact a Realtor and they will run some comps and give you a price, that price is usually in the higher price rancge, they do this so you think you can get the highest amout possible for the home just so you will sign the contract that gives them the exclusive right to list your home whcih they will get %3 for selling it.

So.... I ask you, How can you choose a Realtor you can trust and be honest?

You can't, just need to have gut instint and go with it.

You can find your own listing price by loking at other mobile homes in your area to see what price they have sold at. That's what a Realtor does, right? Yes and no, there are other factors that go into finding a comparable home such as condition, age, location, square footage, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. These are just the easy factors to look at.

After you decide on a list price you will need to get the word out you are selling your home. sounds easy, just put out signs. That can work but are limited to those people that drive those streets, which is usually the same people daily, not getting new eyes seeing your sign. You can go with a Realtor but remember that %3 fee no matter who finds a buyer, if your cousin wants to buy it from you that listing agent still gets %3. There is also an additional %3 if another agent brings in a buyer so thats %6 gone before you even started packing. Then it needs to go through a title company just to make sure everything goes smoothly which is a %3 fee. WOW %9 of your selling price is now spoken for.

Which ever you decide to do either sell the home yourself or go with a Realtor there is many months of waiting for a buyer to decide to buy, you are looking for a very specific buyer that is looking for a mobile home, then they will need to qualify with the park management. So there really is many factors out of your control when selling a mobile home.

Sell My Mobile Home Fast

Taking everything into concideration, the fees that come with a realtor, the many months looking for a buyer waiting to sell your mobile home, is it worth the wait when you can sell your mobile home fast?

Sell my mobile home fast! Doesn't that sound better? You can sell your mobile home fast and in any condition, that means you don't need to do any repairs even if the home is not "move in ready".

We will provide you a cash offer so you can move very quickly, sometimes within a week. Let's say you have a nice mobile home in a good park, a park that has no " bad" neighbors, but your home doesnt really need any repairs, well, maybe some new paint but everything else has been updated, like flooring and new appliances. You are not really looking for a quick cash offer but still want to sell quickly. We can sit down and discuss what you want and how we can give it to you, make a few different offers that might work better than an all cash offer. We handle all the paperwork and the best part is NO FEES

Give us a call or fill out the form with just a few questions on it and we will get in touch with you. Keep in mind if you sign on with a Realtor we may not be able to help buy your mobile home as fast as you like.